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K & C Co. LTD., producing and developing semi-conductors and LCD-related automation equipment, is trying its best to contribute to Industry Development by developing even better advanced technology products.

K & C Co. LTD. will repay your support by spurring R & D with its long accumulated technology and creative challenging spirit to develop into a company providing you with comprehensive solutions and the most reliable products.

K & C Co. LTD thinks that a company can grow into socially responsible one only when management, employees and all members of the society work together.

Because there are customers, there is K & C Co., LTD. Our company will be with you by all the employees of our company working hard as if they were researchers themselves, and make our dream come true in the new world to satisfy our customers. 


Thank you very much.

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Company Name: K & C Co., LTD.   |  Representative: Hyung Chul, Kim  |  Business Registration Number:312-81-7064
Address : 53-12, 5 Ro, Poong-Se Sandan, Poong-Se Myun, Dong-Nam Gu, Cheon-an City, Chung Nam.
Telephone: 041-548-9671 / FAX: 041-558-9674 / E-mail : kencnet@kenc.net